Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What the mess man...

My laptop is still dead but ivE been out of the blogging game for too you all will have to bear with me if this has a lot of typos/sounds like a text message.

I still have to go through and read all your post since the beginning of may, which, based off the amount of writing that w's going on then, will take me at least an hour.

Lots of things have happened since my last post I think, Oprah had her last show and the bulls are now in the eastern conference finals, although they lost tonight. My life has revolved around just a few Pleasures in life: work, friends, bulls, muldoons and family. Pretty much in that order.being a fan of sports teams is exhausting and I'm one of those people who let's the outcome of these games dictate the rest of my night. Luckily, I'm headed to bed, but the fact that the next game isnt until Sunday kind of sucks. I remember when the cubs got swept by the dodgers in the playoffs my junior year, I went home alone because that stupid girl was a dodgers fan and I needed to finish watching the game, drunk and alone...demn!

This past weekend was great, Sweeney, barnes and I went out. Sweeney and I canoe that morning and made outltr way downtown. We did a good job of maintaining that all day buzz. Wafted meeting up with barnes, we headed over to duffys for free'll really have to bear with ms know because my text window is not scrolling anymore so I can't see what I'm typing. Anyways, that cute girl from high school was there again and this time I did get her number, great choice! Then we went to linens head pub, which iIS the ricks of Chicago...Sweeney was suckin face in no time. So almost out of obligation, barnes and I took our dance partners at th time and said hello the 1502 way Sweeney actually got his girls number and has been getting fallout texts from her with these life stories. And all he has to remember her by is "Chicago ricks girl" which he saved into his phon n ...previous weekends have been filled with other Wheaton actives.

It seems like I may be headed to Austins wedding stag, shires gets car sick so she may not be able to make the trip. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that shell be able to get out somehow still, everyone keeps telling ms to go stag, but then I would feel kind of embarrassed because I already called Austin and told him that I better get to bring a date...

This weekends is shaping up to be another great one, as my good friend Hulka is in town for a little ni haven't aren' him for a king time so we are going to do the duffys thing again Saturday, run who knows; then the white sox game it's time to read all the other blogs then call it a night l.

Here's to probably a lot of bad spelling,


Sunday, May 1, 2011

"I'll have to learn all the new channels, I don't want to leave"

I find myself fighting the urge to write another blog that reflects upon the glory days of undergrad at Ann Arbor.  Between watching Steve Carrell's last episode on The Office, reading Mike O's blog (and his Galfing rough draft), and reading Sweeney's blog I find myself in another state of nostalgia.  If you want to hear more about the Michigan years passed, just feel free to call me and we can catch up, but for the sake of my (8) followers, I will refrain from writing more about the last 5 years (for now).

This weekend I switched things up a little.  Friday night, I still did the usual Muldoon's thing.  Drabik and I ate there for dinner and I didn't actually leave until last call.  Old and new high school friends came and went and at the end of the night, I found myself sticking around basically for this one girl.  Admittedly, she is/was another Taylor girl, just like Nicole.  However, I think she only went there for one year and then left.  I've known this girl for awhile, and despite appearances, I was not hanging around Muldoon's to see if I could take her home.  I was actually there to see if she was going to go home with this other guy who she had developed a keen eye for. From my perspective, this is what happened.  Firstly, her name is DT, or at least that's her nickname.  So DT and I were casually talking and actually, I had a fair share of her attention until this guy, we'll call him blue shirt, walks in.  Her attention shifted completely to him, in fact, her friends left without her, per her request.  Now, this isn't my first rodeo, I've seen this happen plenty of times before, I've performed this plenty of times before. ("Oh Whitney! You brought cupcakes! Thanks, I'm going to go over to Lizzie's now, but have fun with my housemates!").  Being on the other side of the situation is definitely different.  I felt like I could have done something about it, but I figured blue shirt had invested more into it (it was just that night I decided to pursue DT).  Anyways, after her friends had left, it looked like DT and blue shirt were headed for the exits.  Until some more of her guy friends came in and she began chatting with them.  Soon enough she had abandoned blue shirt and went out the back door with these other guys.  I had to feel a little bad for blue shirt as he took a seat at the recently abandoned table that DT found these guys at.  As expected, he whipped out his phone and was feverishly texting with someone.  I'll speculate that it was her.  At this point, I thought to myself that if I was blue shirt, I would have left, feeling defeated because sometimes I don't want to swallow my pride.  He just kept on truckin' though, probably sending those texts where he wants to act like he doesn't care, but in texting her he has already given her the "hand" (See Seinfeld).  To clarify, I was not sitting in a corner alone watching this develop, I was with my buddy Paul and his friend at the bar.  When last call rolled around I decided to exit out the back door in which DT had exited through about an hour ago.  Coincidentally, she was coming in through the door as I left and all I could say was, "Hey, your boy is waiting for you in there".  To which she replied, "I know, I'm on the phone with him right now".  I guess that's the extent of that story.  There's no real moral to the story, just another example of how boys and girls play these games...

Another notable event from that night, I talked to another stranger again.  I made three trips to the little boys room that night and in the last two trips, probably within an hour of each other, I saw this cute Asian girl.  "Cute" Asian girls are far and few between so I felt compelled to say something, especially because we had made eye contact both times on my trip.  So I went over there and talked to her and her 2 friends.  They were grad students at Wheaton College and were just out enjoying a couple drinks.  I probably sounded like a bumbling fool, I think I said "Congraduations" to them 3 or 4 times even after they told me they had only just finished their first year of grad school.  Oh well, she was 100% Asian anyways, that mountains already been conquered.  And so the quest for the 50%-er continues, who knows, she may be "the one", haha.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful.  Really good weather though, I went on two bike rides and a run.  I finally made it to a high school track meet.  I got to see Collin coaching passionately there, yelling splits to the Wheaton North guys.  He found some time to come by and thank me for stopping by.  I really can see myself being the old guy that goes to these meets and congratulates kids that don't even know him.  Stev is plenty familiar with this and it cracks me up.

I actually steered clear of Muldoon's last night and just got some coffee with Drabik.  I played a lot of Tiger Woods and got caught up with a lot of the NFL draft's transactions.

Sweeney is coming back to Illinois this weekend (congraduations David!) and I hope that we can hang out a lot before he goes to Costa Rica with the family.  If I was still unemployed I would probably be making a spontaneous trip to AA right now to force him to hang out with me in Wheaton until Friday.  As it is, I will be happy with hanging out on Tuesday or Wednesday night (or both, *blush*)...

Barn-es just texted me that The Foreign Exchange will be in Chicago on Thursday night, so I think I may try to get out there and see them.  The show starts at 9, that means the 12:40 train will have to do, Friday could be a long day at work.

Again, courtesy of David...

Here's to the new bloggers!