Sunday, March 27, 2011

Three way marriage

Like Stev, nothing much happened this week.  Todd was in town for Calvin's SB so we hung out on Friday night.  Actually, we had a pretty good time, set up a BP table in my basement, neither of us had played in a while.  Then we went out to Muldoon's and as usual, we ran into some old HS classmates.  This time it was some of the guys who stayed in town and went to Wheaton College to play football.  I asked one of them about why he thinks so many of the kids from the Christian schools get married so early.  First thing he said was something like how he went to 8 weddings in the past year, just for football teammates alone.  These are all kids my age, if not younger.  Ridiculous.  He told me that he believes they get married so young because they're relationships are formed around their faith, so it is a marriage of 3: Him, her and God.  This marriage of 3, or "Three way marriage" as Dre puts it, seems like it would be the ideal, cookie cutter response to these kids getting married so young.

What doesn't make sense to me about this is, why can't the relationship be "three way" when they are just dating?  Aside from the joint bank accounts/assets, status, rings and ceremonies (all of which aren't THAT important in the long run) the only difference I can see between going out and being married is the sex, at least for these couples who believe in abstinence, which happens to be most that go to these Christian schools.  Now, I would be hard pressed to get any of the 3 couples I know who got engaged last week to admit that sex was a factor for marriage.  Granted, it would be a too much information kind of statement, but I dare one of these couples to admit it to me.  The other problem I see with getting married this young is that you are limiting yourself to something.  Example, Nicole's fiancĂ© lives out in Colorado.  She's effectively limiting her professional career to something/someplace in his area.  I'm sure she will be happy, but could she have been happier if she could have searched the entire nation/world for a job.

I think Anderson is doing it right.  He is still dating Jackie and they are both cool with that.  Also, they love each other but they are realistically in love.  None of this puppy love crap.  They know that their careers and financial situations transcend their feelings for each other.  Anderson just got a job with Piedmont Airlines as a pilot for them.  Congratulations to that man again.  He will be in Charlotte, NC for training while Jackie will be in the Chicagoland area looking into getting into financial things.  In the end though, their situation won't be clouded by "Well, we're married, so we NEED to make this work"...It's more, "Well, we're dating, so we WANT to make this work"...I think that by staying dating, they put less strain on they're relationship and it will be better for them in the long run when they finally do find themselves in a situation where they can get married.

I'm probably just bitter about it, for good reason though.

On a different note, my sister will be moving to a bigger apartment next weekend.  It's also closer to the bar scene downtown, so we'll have a good place to crash while downtown.

Also, I think that if it's cool with Wheeler and the rest of 1502, I would like to eventually have a reunion in Pescadero, CA, where Wheeler's mom has a summer home.  It's gorgeous, on a bluff, tons a land we could bring the dirt bikes out and its in wine country.  Just a thought.  Until then, I will take 3 or 4 of us meeting up in the midwest.  I can't wait until Easter weekend, the only time I went to Dominik's was awesome.

Here's to one month from now,


Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

It's been a pretty uneventful week.  The regular work schedule, except I'm starting to work later on some days, until 7 or so.  It's pretty unfortunate that I've started working later days because it's starting to get lighter out for longer.  So I thought, "Great, I can get home and run before the sun goes down".  As of last week, I only made it out on Monday, even then the sun was down before I finished the run because I got home late from work.

Drabik and I have been hanging out a lot lately, going to the local coffee shop, going to the bars or seeing movies.  We went and saw The Adjustment Bureau on Wednesday, good film, I would definitely recommend it.  I expect that with the warm weather we will start doing more stuff outdoors, frisbee and basketball, things like that.  I've come to realize that I am definitely a warm weather kind of guy.  I don't mind the cold, but I am always in a better mood when the sun is shining and I don't have to put on tons of layers.

St. Patty's was relatively uneventful for me, I met up with some buddies at Caliendo's, had some green beer and then went to Muldoon's for another beer with Drabik.

Perhaps the most exciting news this week was that Anderson got a job for a regional airline.  He will be flying for Piedmont Airlines all across the east coast.  He'll have to move out to Charlotte pretty soon to start training.  I'm really happy for him, he get's tons of sweet perks.  He can fly anywhere he wants to for free, as long as there is an open seat on the plane.  That means he could just go to the airport, check the departures board and hop on any plane going anywhere in the world for free.  Then family members get 25 free flights a year, too bad Anderson doesn't have a sister.  He gets to have a travel partner, which will be Jackie, at least until they get married.  Then he also gets 8 travel buddy things where we can fly for free as long as he is on the plane with us, nice!  So we are planning a weekend to South America or something.

Nothing else much happened this weekend, I woke up this morning to see that I got a text from Nicole last night that read, "I'm engaged!"  So that's the end of that chapter, can't say I'm happy with the ending, I did like her but I think that this last month has really nixed any chance of us becoming just friends in the long run.  Since she started dating this guy, maybe 3 months ago, I stopped liking her, gradually.  Then, just as I would be pretty much over her, it seemed there would be a text from her that stirred it all up again.  I'm just saying, when/if I get engaged, the first people I am telling will not be people who I've had a somewhat romantic past with.

My lack of going out this weekend has led me to look forward to what Stev did in Wake Forest, so I'll wait patiently until A Family Affair, Part 2. Haha.

Here's to the outdoor season,


Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Fab 5

Of course that's the title after watching that documentary.  Except our Fab 5, being the 1502 house, doesn't have anyone doing basketball analysis for ESPN.

No notes in my phone.  I decided to do this really stupid thing where I don't tell people certain things about my life, they can only find out this stuff if they read my blog.  It's really a stupid idea, so I'm not going to do it.  But the one thing I haven't told anyone in real life is that I got into an accident on Friday  morning going to work.  I was behind this SUV, trying to go right on red.  There were no cars coming, so she lets off her brakes and I thought she was going to go out.  So I start looking to see if I'm clear to go, turns out the woman stopped for no reason, so I gave her a little love tap.  We get out of our cars, there is absolutely NO DAMAGE to her car, none.  In fact, I took off some dirt is all, so I actually cleaned her car a little for her, son of a...My car has a little scratch on the fender thats all.  Still, she insisted that I give her my insurance information because she wants to take her car into the shop, just to make sure...Eff it, so now my rates will probably go up because she reported the accident, not to the cops, just to her insurance.  To top it all off, she was Asian.  Really?  Most people who know me know how I feel about Asians, and that's just so typical, "Oh well, I'd like to get you're insurance information just in case...because I don't care if I screw you over, I just want to make sure my car is ok"..Woman, your car is fine, there is nothing wrong with your car...but please, feel free to screw me over..and why did you stop again, there was nooooo oncoming traffic, oh my gosh , so pissed....

The way I figured it, since my Friday's are usually really good, something great had to happen to me to off balance the accident.  Nothing too cool really happened, in fact, I ended up working until 7:30 that night, then Dre and I just watched the bulls game and nothing else really.

I guess the "great" thing that happened is that it's getting warmer out.  Also, with daylight savings now, I will be getting home when the sun is still up.  That means I can start running outside after work, which I've been looking forward to for awhile.  For some reason my knees don't like the treadmill, usually they're supposed to be better for your legs than running outside or whatever.  Also with the warm weather comes longer days, I'm hoping to join some sand vball leagues and a softball league this year.  Then outdoor basketball with Dre, bike rides with Squires, runs with Callie...Warm weather is awesome.

Last night, Dre and I went to Muldoon's, local Wheaton bar, to watch the Bulls vs. Jazz game.  Mike wanted to get some coffee from La Spiaza, local Wheaton coffee shop, so we went there first.  Squires joined us at Muldoon's, great special on Sam Adam's.  We all talked, had a good time.  So when we decided to leave it was only around 10:45, I guess we started a little early.  I was in bed earlier than the nights I have work the next day...

Lizzie was at the Bulls game.  We were talking earlier in the week about meeting up for lunch in the city.  She never called so I just didn't go downtown.  I would've really liked to go downtown this weekend, St. Patty's day parade, Barnes texted me that he wanted to hang out and getting lunch with Lizzie would've all been fun.  As it is, I didn't go downtown...could've been a great time.  After the Jazz lost, Lizzie texted me that she wanted to go out...Had I gone downtown I would've been in favor of that, but I wasn't.

On the other side, I have been spending way too much money.  Chicago with Ike and Uz was expensive and then Ann Arbor last weekend.  I had a $15 charge to Quik-E burger that I do not even remember.  Kind of funny, but I'm disappointed that I was that reckless with my spending.  I figure that it must have been when Zach, Chelsea and I were walking back...

I think I'll do my best Stev and slow down until Ann Arbor in April, easy to say at the end of the weekend.  We'll see how I feel next Friday...

Here's to Spring,


Thursday, March 10, 2011

"You're yester, I'm to-day"

What do you think when you see an attractive girl/guy walk into a room?

I think I usually like to think that they've at least noticed me, too.  A cocky mentality, and probably one that prevents things from happening...So a poor mentality to have nonetheless.  I get this feeling of, "Well, they should approach me then...".  Ah whatever, in this Wheaton area the girls are usually complicated, see Nicole.  I think earlier in life I would think that they don't even notice me and still not do anything about it.

I guess thats why there's the Stevs and Stanns in the world, they are the ones who actually do something about a cute girl in a room.  Like its a missed opportunity should they just walk out with no words/numbers exchanged.  I suppose I should give him a call soon, get a pep talk.  Stev, next time we hang that's what I think the goal should be.  With the suits, I'll be feeling pretty confident.  We need to make sure Mike O can be out there then.

I'm talking about this because some Wheaton College girls just walked into the coffee shop Dre and I are in.  He Facebook chat's me, "You see those girls who just walked in?  That one is gorgeous".  I've developed this terrible habit of not looking at girls when they walk into places, kind of just catching them in the corner of my eye.  Buy her an espresso shot, send it over.  I know that Cassie would love that.  Why are Wheaton girls so "high maintenance"?  I think its just because they were raised comfortably in most cases, that combined with the piety of the town, they usually have pretty high standards.  Even when I was talking to my ex ex about why her and I never did more physically she just went, "Oh Wheaton girls..."  like its something they're just born into and can't control.

Here's to the Wheaton girl,


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fresh for the club, just took a half an hour nap

I'm about to write this before watching last Monday's HIMYM, if it's got a good theme I might have to post again later.  I figure that there's a lot of events that I have to cover though so I didn't want this post to be too long.

I should have written about last weekend before this one, my brain is overloaded and I will probably forget some of the details in last weekend.  On last Saturday with Uzi and Ike we got downtown via the train sometime before dinner.  We went to Mich ave to do some shopping.  The only thing we bought was 3 pairs of socks for me because I had a huge blister from my shoes and had to cover the blood.  Before I forget I have to tell this story about Ike.  He fell asleep in my car for about 20 seconds and when he woke up he was like, "Just thought you guys should know, I just passed out"  It turned into this running joke for the weekend, ah, I guess you had to be there.  Back to last Saturday, we got some deep dish pizza, Ike got hit on by some cougars, they thought he was 19.  I guess they failed to see that he had a long island iced tea and we were sitting at the bar, I guess it was just an in line.  We went to Ike's friend's apt, Britney, where we pregamed.  She knew Stev, Wheeler and Mike O because of the phi psi date party they went to.  That whole Carly/Kim/Helga(?) fiasco.  Needless to say, Britney was pretty cold to me when she found out I knew them, especially Stev haha.  Barnes and his buddy, Larry, came by had some more drinks and Britney told us she had some cute friends coming over.  This led to the first note in my phone.

"The promise of good times (Britney said that her friends were coming over) and how is makes a pregame a lot more positive(?)"

I don't know why I have these deep thoughts when I should be out socializing and what not.  Barnes was hungry so him and I went and got burgers from this small place.  They were known for being rude and all so they swore at us and called Barnes a bunch of bad things when he only wanted lettuce and ketchup.  Anyways, we go back to the pregame and keep waiting for Britney's friends.  They showed up not too much later and their appearance led to the next note on my phone.

"Then it's baddd"

It was a note that added to my first thought.  These girls were not worth waiting for 2 hours.  Yeah that sounds shallow, but we felt like Britney manipulated us haha.  There were only 4 girls and Britney had mentioned that she had 6-7 cute friends coming.  So Ike asks me jokingly, "Where are the other 3 girls?"  I replied, "Where are the other 7 girls?"...that was mean too.

We made our way to this bar called Rockit, expensive, $9 for a single rum and coke.  Uzi's friends from the night before, Jen, met up with us and we went to Crossing, one of the bars that was closed the night before because we got there too late.  It was pretty cool, really big and it had dancing or chilling, I liked it.  Ike got into a dance off for some reason.  This guy did this stupid flip, like using his hands and all and accidentally kicked Ike in the mouth haha.  Then the guys other dance move was to lay on the floor, on his stomach.  Uzis like, "I thought he was going to start doing the worm or something, but he just laid there, on a dirty a** floor".  So funny haha.

At some point in the night some guys pulled up in a car and the passenger told Uzi that he looked familiar.  Uzi responded, "Yea, you look familiar Owen Wilson."  Then I chimed in, "Yea! but add 40 years!"  The guy was upset apparently, but they pulled away before anything happened, good thing.  It's bad, I'm starting to get rowdy when I drink, but I think its just because we had liquor and almost always only drink beer.

The other thing that happened that night was getting pizza.  They had a pizza called "Popeye Pizza".  Ike thought that it was going to have buffalo chicken on it, like Popeye's chicken, but it turned out to be a spinach pizza with tomato slices.  Ike was pissed so he spit most of it out, it was gross how he did it, food everywhere out of his mouth.  Overall the pizza sucked, so we all cracked up when a guy leaving the place, by himself goes, "That's some good a** pizza" haha.

Uzi and I crashed at Jen's place, I slept on a couch in their living room.  I woke up at around 4:30 and there was some other dude crawling under my covers.  He was facing the other way on the couch so we just made eye contact and I was like, "Yo" kind of questioning him what the heck are you doing.  He ignored me and we both fell back to sleep.  Throughout the night we fought over my blanket and kicked each other for room.  I have no idea why I didn't just tell him to get off or whatever.  Around 8 am on Sunday, one of Jen's roommates comes out and she sees the 2 of us sleeping there.  Turns out he was her boyfriend and he is used to sleeping on a couch so in his drunken stupor he got up from her bed and came to the couch I was on, even though...I was on it.

So that was the weekend with Uzi and Ike.  Then Sunday night was David Gray with Squires.  Understandably, I guess, she asked if I wanted to drink on the train ride.  We did.  About half a fifth of some Bacardi.  Drop Kick Murphy's was playing downtown that night also so we made some friends on the train.  they were pretty rowdy and Squires said she saw one of the girl's vaginas because she had a short skirt and apparently, no underwear.  We got into the city pretty early so we went and got some drinks at the bar around the corner from the Chicago Theater, cool place, I can't remember the name of it though.  The concert was awesome, it was a small venue and there was really no bad seat, except for Squires' seat, because she sat behind this guy with a huge head, huge.  We had to run/hop a cab to make it back to the train in time, our driver even made some illegal turns to help get us there in time.  It was also raining, so we were pretty wet.

One thing I noticed while watching the concert is how much we can be controlled by our environments.  DG is a very romantic light rock kind of artist and I guess to put it one way, it would have been weird to go with a guy friend.

It took me all day Monday at work to recover.  I got very little sleep over that weekend.  It didn't help that I had to get up at 6 to take my grandma's trash out.  The two things I wrote on my phone that night were:

"An interesting juxtapose" (No idea why I wrote that)

"Drunk me makes good decisions and drunk me makes bad decisions (6 am for popo)"

I leave extra notes because I've really been forgetting why I write some things.

The last thing I wrote that weekend was "Stupid people", don't know why I wrote that.

On thursday I went to see Grand Rapids with Drabik, it was pretty funny, like an indie 40 year old virgin. "NTS-not too shabby", I've got to start saying that.

This weekend I went to Ann Arbor.  Stayed at hotel arch, obviously.  Great hosts as usual.  I picked Sweeny, Saint and Terp up from DT Chicago, they were visiting for SB.  We had a really foggy ride out to MI, Saint actually drove because I had to eat my McDonald's.  We just stayed in on Friday night because it was already 12:30 when we got in.  We talked with Joe's parents for a long time and had some boxed wine.  Woke up Saturday morning and watched Selena, kind of.  Sweeney fed me a 22 oz. IPA from his favorite brewery in San Diego, or his fav brewery period.  The most expensive beer I've had, Ruination, and probably the best IPA I've ever had, which says a lot because thats my favorite type of beer.  Then I had some one of his other beers from the same brewery called Arrogant Bastard.  Cassie came by for a little.  Sweeney almost Naked Manned her but his chickened out and left his boxers on.  My buddy, Zach, from Mexico came by, he knows Dobs too.  Then Dobs, Sweeney, Forys, Zach, Saint and I went to Ashley's for Guinness floats, thanks for the ride Cassthighs!  I never had a Guinness float before, good stuff.  Midway through, Chelsea, another Mexico friend came by and joined us.  Zach, Chelsea, Dobs and I all went to BTB Cantina to meet another Mex friend, Samantha.  There was a black frat there or something so it was pretty packed.  Zach and I Samantha Sandwiched with her on the stage, I was cracking up the whole time.  Saint joined up with us and eventually him and Dobs left.  Chelsea, Zach and I went to Rick's and danced a little.  We left and I walked Chelsea home.  We sat and talked in her living room for a little and eventually gave her a friendly 1502 hello.  More of just a 1502 wave, nothing much too it at all.  I guess she just recently broke up with her bf so she was a little emotionally unsteady.  I offered to leave and she let me leave, meh, aside from the fact that it was 4 am, I was kind of glad to leave because I didn't want any confusion.  The other thing, I think I totally stole Zach's kill.  Actually I know I did, jerk move by me.  I know I did because he texted her something like "Hey, if you want to still hang we should" or something like that.  I'm not trying to step on any toes on my weekends in A2.  Oh, the other reason it would have been nice to have stayed over at her place is because I want to be like Stev and not actually sleep at Hotel Arch when I have a reservation there anyway.  Benny's for breakfast this morning, he was dressed in that nice stuff as usual.  I visited Lizzie for a little bit, found out she actually bought a dress for Austin's wedding, well, used that as more of a reason to buy a new dress.  However, now it looks like she might not be able to come, I guess we'll see.  Squires, you may be able to come to this wedding after all haha.  Driving home I realized that I forgot to sign the guest book, again.  So here's my entry that I forgot to write:

"Comfortably established as the premier place to lodge at for me, Hotel Arch will be sorely missed when I can't stay there anymore.  So I will keep coming here as many times as possible.  Joe and Dobs were great roommates and David flexed his culinary prowess once again, even though spiral ham makes you real gassy.  Can't wait until the backyard opens up again!"

So now I enter a solid month of workdays and weekends.  Maybe some Chicago trips every now and then with this weather warming up.

Here's to Hotel Arch (again),