Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No, I said I 'like' you

Before I even get started, Ann Arbor/Hotel Arch was another great weekend.  But, like I texted 1502 after I got home, it just sucks that it makes me miss the Junior and especially Senior year that I will never get back..  But hey, a toast to Old Father Time, raise a glass because every time we hang out it is the most bittersweet thing when its winding down and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it but make the best of it.  Time goes on and even in absence, we grow closer as friends.  There's really no need to rehash any of the specifics of what went down over the weekend...bullet point summary below:

-Trying to catch up with 1502 with Barnes
-Rick's (stage)
-Steinhurst and Co.
-Taco Bell (gonna get hot sauce in my car like that killer?)
-End Scene (Hotel Arch with Barn-es)
-Dominick's constant buzz
-MY sangria
-Track meet
-Sidetrack(s) poor service
-THEIR sangria
-Beer (two brothers)
-Mike O riding his bike
-Prickly Pear's 1.5 hour supposed wait
-9 (8) beer tasting at Grizz Peak
-Prickly Pear's 40 min. actual wait
-Broken chair
-Bar Louie (buzzkill)
-Hook up on longest islands from Mike O's girl (buzz revival)
-Melissa and Co. (FEE-ling bad I can't remember the name)
-BTB (not Cantina)
-Sleeping on Cass-thighs thighs
-Wake up from Lizzie
-End Scene (Hotel Arch with Mike O)
-Benny's (Zach)
-No Lizzie
-Last goodbyes

Take it as you will, those would be the key points of my weekend with 1502/Arch/Barnes.  These times will be missed.

Shifting gears, since the weekend I have coincidentally gone to Muldoon's every night I have been back.  Whether it be for the Bulls'game or to catch up with Anderson (tonight) I have been going there a lot this month.

The point of the title of this blog is that Mousey is going to be a hard case to crack.  Something I didn't realize about Wheaton (college) girls is that even meeting with them can be a challenge.  Mousey has been dodgey to say the least.  Ok, to her credit we've barely texted but she just seems very passive and uninterested.  It's really starting to seem like this isn't going to pan out.  Correction, it's very likely this won't pan out.  So the title of the blog, right.  I mean, I'm "interested" in this girl and she's giving me the cold shoulder before I even get a chance to state my case.  She trying to act like I'm so hung up over her...Get of your high horse and play with the rest of the's just like Nicole, too afraid to dip into something a little unfamiliar.  I'm not trying to say I'm some hardcore hood kid, I grew up in Wheaton, but these girls are hesitant to hear the point of view of a guy who used to share their sentiments that has been exposed to a little bit of the real (non-Wheaton) world....Nicole needs to realize that with her marriage, she's going to burn some bridges (like I told Anderson), no matter how hard she tries to maintain them.  Similarly, Mousey should not tell me that she "goes for a run" every chance she gets, then tell me that she "has a very busy week, maybe next week"...Both of them, just hiding truth behind this guilt of actually not being able to satisfy everyone in the world.  Agreed, it would suck more if Mousey just didn't reply, but at least I wouldn't feel compelled to continue playing this game.  I'm not gonna give up on the Wheaton (college) girl though, I bet I could find one that is open to suggestions...Time will tell...

Courtesy of David, not the pole

Here's to Old Father Time,


Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Handsome Grandson and Chicken Feet

Elderly females find me to be very good looking.  I also do not like chicken feet, even though I've never tried them, theres just something about finding one in my soup that I don't like.  Today I got to hang out with my Grandma, Popo, and her 3 friends.  I drove them all around the city, from Michigan ave to Chinatown to Millennium park to the Cultural Center.  I think all grandmas talk about how attractive other grandmas'grandsons are.  Now if only it was granddaughters talking about how attractive grandmas'grandsons are, you follow?  Either way, it stresses me out bigtime driving in the city, but I managed.  I felt pretty cool walking extremely slow with four 80+ year old Chinese woman.  Not only was I the tallest, by about half a foot, but I also got some free lunch out of it.  The soup had chicken feet, I ate around it.  Then the shrimp were cooked with the head on so if you cut too close to their brains red liquid oozed everywhere on the plate.  That I can take, I love shrimp.  Oh, Popo insisted that I drive through Ping Tom Park in Chinatown, so I did, but soon there were people walking on the trail that I was driving on and I realized that cars aren't supposed to be in the park.  I found myself making a lot of 9 point turns and dodging drinking fountains and benches.  Interesting experience, it'd be like if you found yourself driving through the diag, weird...

So today was a day for Popo, Friday (night) was my day (night).  I guess it all really starts with about 10 minutes after my last blog.  My old Shane's work buddy, Collin, who reads this blog (shout out to Collin! My man!), texted me 10 minutes after the blog and was like, "I know this mousey girl!"  Without going into details, he does in fact know her so we tried to think of a way that we could arrange something.  The only thing I could come up with was, lets go to Muldoon's, drink beer and talk about it.  So we did just that on Friday.  It was Collin, Dre and I.  Dre eventually left, it's actually kind of funny, he stays out, then around 10-10:30 or so he will kindly excuse himself sensing that I will be just fine without him.  He's like a good wingman, even when I may not be looking for anything.  Anyways, Collin was telling me about Mousey and I must say I am quite intrigued.  Yes, I am a sucker for the Wheaton girl, and she seems like she is just that.  Hopefully we will meet again and I can really get a feel for what kind of person she is.  So Collin and I are talking about Mousey, music, life, Wheaton...everything, meanwhile, the beers just keep coming.  Collin was doing what I do to Stev, he kept finishing his beer while I still had about a third left.  Needless to say, we drank a lot.  I guess the next step is to arrange a meeting with Mousey, otherwise, I will continue going to Muldoon's until I "run into her" again.

Not too much else this weekend, I was broken on Saturday from all the beer.  I'm looking forward to the 4 day work week, then I have no idea what I will do next weekend, will anyone be in Ann Arbor?

Here's to grandmas,


Thursday, April 14, 2011

"You lay down, you stay down"

Welp, this is my first chance to really sit down and get some time to write this week.

I guess the "big" news for me this past week and a half is that I met this really cute girl at Muldoon's.  It was actually last last monday, when UConn and Butler were playing for the national championship.  This girl was sitting at in the corner table with her friend and we kept making eye contact.  I noticed she was just drinking water, which I don't mind, I mean, it was a Monday.  So I was still riding the "Do sumthinnn" theme so I actually did something.  I was with my friend Sean and I told him as we were leaving that I was going to say something to this girl.  So I used the worst in line known, "I'm sorry, but you look really familiar, where do you go to school?" The line is besides the point, the fact that I actually talked to this girl and her friend for a good 15 minutes shows that I'm doing better with these things.  The other unsmooth part is that I didn't get a number and I can't remember her exact name, its either Suzanne or Susana.  And her friend, I have no idea, I do not remember.  So I've been calling Suzanne/Susana by her alias, "Mousey".  Sean said she looked like a mouse.  Anyways, Mousey is a Junior at Wheaton College and was at Muldoon's doing a study for her intro to anthro class.  They were observing and recording the was people interact in certain social settings.  They chose Muldoon's.  Mousey said they would be there a lot for this project and that was my stupid excuse to not try to get a number, "Oh, I'll see her later..."  I've been back there every night that I could find someone to go with me, be it Drabik, Sean, Fabian, or Moran.  Tonight, no one could go, so that's why I finally have time to write this.  I'll be pretty upset if I find out she was there tonight.

Since that night, I have been trying to figure out why I have this attraction to girls who go to these fairly conservative Christian schools.  This is what I have decided:  I want to instill the things I learned from being at U of M to a Wheaton girl/ a girl that thinks life if fluffy and all that.  I even tried to think of individual things that 1502 taught me...

Wheeler taught me to be carefree, like the turn off your brain kind of carefree.  The "real" carefree.
Stev taught me to talk to strangers, girls particularly, and that they sometimes like those mysterious/borderline creepy responses.
Cass-eyes taught me to be a lush.  I mean, wine nights were awesome and then we would just harass Cassie, "Cheeen! I keeel you!"  Plus Cass is the biggest lush herself.
Mike O. taught me that sometimes you've got to step on other peoples toes.  I had my rough times with him, but looking back he was hilarious and he's a great friend.
Grant taught me that you can do your own thing and still be considered a great friend.
Krista, I didn't learn much from her...that's ok though.

And honestly, all of these traits, I do believe I carry more than I did before Michigan, I'm not just saying them to reminisce or something.  So back to the Wheaton girl thing, I think I want to "convert" one more or less.  Not that I want them to drop their Christian faith, in fact, I would prefer they grow stronger in it because, Lord knows, I could use some strengthening myself.   I just want to I guess corrupt one just a little so that things that are normally taboo to them are more openly discussed because I feel like that is the purest form of honesty.  there's other reasons too, but thats just an example.  I could rant about it forever, but I see you all enough so we can talk about and I can get your opinions.

With the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'm really looking forward to the Easter weekend trip.

This is not my winning recipe...

Here's to, obviously, Mousey,


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Do Sumthinn!

Whenever I wake up with a hangover, big or small, I always think of that lil wayne song where the chorus is like "I feel like dying, I feel like dying"...

I always look forward to the weekends so I can sleep in and regain my energy.  This weekend did I did the opposite of that.  I also always look forward to going out and hanging out with friends.  This weekend I did a lot of that.

So, Zach, my friend from Mexico who hung out with us in Ann Arbor in the Summer came to Chicago.  Coincidentally, Nick, my other Mexico buddy, was coming into the city from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  I literally got home from work on friday at 6:46 on Friday and I had to catch the 6:54 train out to the city to meet up with them.  So I ran and grabbed some clothes and stuff and Ron drove me to the station.  Fast forward, I met up with Zach and Nick at Union Station and had a drink.  Then we went to a bus stop to wait for Joel, another Mexico buddy.  This was on the north side, this homeless woman was in the bus stop too, just casually smoking a blunt haha.  It was a small bus stop overhead thingy, so the 3 of us just kind of stood all around her and acted like nothing was strange.  Fast forward, we went and got sushi, well they did, for some reason I decided not too eat, I just got a beer.  Then we went and got keys to my sisters new apartment, which is awesome by the way, 10 minute walk to duffys.  The apartment is huge too, no more walking through the bedroom to get to the bathroom, or just using the fire escape instead, actually, they have an exterior stairwell which would work.  So we got the keys, went to Duffy's.  It was pretty crowded but we stayed in the front area, Nick and Joel aren't the types who like to by dance I mean the ricks style dancing, they just like to chill.  Our waitress/bartender was coincidentally my friend from high school, Lisa.  The story with Lisa is that she was on the cheerleading team with my ex, Lexi and Chuck's ex, Kristin.  Lisa and Drabik kind of had a thing.  So the 6 of us would hang out from time to time.  Honestly, Lisa is/was the most attractive one out of the 3.  Back to Duffys, I opened up a tab, I thought Lisa was hooking us up because it was 4 shots of tequila for $10.  Then we just alternated between shots and beers.  Zach made a comment about how he felt like a "little fish" because the average age was probably about 25-26.  So we started calling Zach Little Fish.  Then he spilled half of one of his shots on the table, justifying the name. I got worried because I still hadn't eaten anything since lunch.  Surprisingly, I didn't get that bad.  But I slowed down my pace a little, then they started calling me Little Fish.  Almost right after that Zach spilled his beer so he became Little Fish again, awesome.  When closing time came around my buddies wanted me to get get Lisa's number but I didn't, instead I invited her and one of her other bartender friends to Yak-Zees, the bar right down the street. She said they would try to come after they cleaned up the bar.  So I closed out my biggest tab ever and we went to Yak-Zees and got a pizza, which was awesome because usually kitchens arent open that late.  Lisa and her friend never showed, bummer.  We went back to my sisters empty apt and fell asleep, the 3rd time that I've slept in her apt before she has haha.  We woke up around 9.

"I feel like dying, I feel like dying"

Not too bad though, we walked back to Duffy's and got breakfast and Mimosa's.  Zach and I parted ways with Nick and made our way to Wrigley for the Cubs game.  The Cubs won! 5 run eighth inning, nice!  We walked back to Steph's and then made our way to Michigan Avenue.  Zach got some sick blue and maize Adidas shoes and I almost bought a pair of Ray-Ban aviators.  We got dinner at a Chili's while we watched the Butler/VCU game.  Then we took the L back to my sisters to get ready for the night.  Fast forward, we ended up taking the L to the south side, so sketchy.  People would just drive by us and mean mug us while we waited for the bus.  Once it was a middle aged black guy in a minivan, he just slowed down and stared at us.  It didn't help that we were wearing matching Michigan rain jacket's, and Zach had this girly bag to hold the fifth he bought for the friend who's birthday party we were headed to.  Zach also found this vodka infused whipped cream, it was really popular at the party.  Fast forward, we got to Steph's (not my sister), south side apt before the party to pregame.  Barnes and his buddy, Larry met up with us there too.  The theme of the night became, "Do sumthinn!" It was inspired by the song "Touch It" on Pusha T's new mixtape.  The song is exactly what you think its about.  When people, mostly U of Chicago track people (because Steph is on the team), most of the girls were wearing the nerd outfit.  You know, the whole big bottle cap glasses, suspenders, short shorts and long socks.  A lot of them were pretty cute and already pretty drunk because they were at a nerd party.  It was a great party, they had some Asian DJ who was pretty good, a whole room just for dancing, filled with lap dances for the birthday girl, a jealous ex boyfriend of the birthday girl, and good amount of cute girls.  Unfortunately, it was not the last party of the evening because around 2 everyone just poured out and us 4 guys were left with nothing but 2 of the girls who were lesbians.  Steph left with her ex, Zach was trying to get with Steph, so he was kind of pissed.  Then we started getting him amped up saying that the ex was a tool and wasn't leaving her side.  So Zach got really mad and punched a door and started screaming f*ck...It was sooo funny, but I feel bad because we totally amped him up,for no reason really.  His knuckles were bleeding a lot, too. He sent Steph a text that was something like "You made the wrong choice, I would have licked u up and down nasty" haha.  Then Larry drove us to Barnes' apt.  His place is really nice.  We got to bed around 3ish.  We woke up at 6:40.

"I feel like dying, I feel like dying"

This time for real, Zach and I had to wake up that early because Little Fish Zach got a 7:30 train ticket out of Union Station.  We made it there in time but I felt like crap, Zach was still drunk.  I made sure he got to the right terminal then I walked to my train station.  The next train for me wasn't until 8:40, such a long wait.  Fast forward, I got lunch with Anderson, he left for pilot's training tonight, demn!  He'll be in North Carolina for about 6 weeks now.  I haven't done much else today, which stinks because apparently it got up to 71 degrees, according to Uzi.  I just stayed in an played the new Tiger Woods and watched the cubs game.  I hope that I won't be drained at work tomorrow.

Lex has his own charter bus!

Here's to Little Fish,