Saturday, June 18, 2011

May Days, Chapter 3: The Spiritual Wedding

I did eventually persuade Squires to make the drive out to Austin's wedding with me on Friday.  I picked up a neck pillow and downloaded "The Very Best of Enya" for her, she appreciated it I think.  The drive was really uneventful, of course the Enya album is some 20 odd songs, so I was starting to feel a little drowsy during the drive, I did fine though.  We did make a stop in AA to grab dinner with Cassie and Sweeney and I also went to Uzi's to get my hair cut.  He lined me up super nicely!  It was really weird just 'passing through' Ann Arbor.  I kept wanting to ask about what we were going to do after dinner.

We got to the hotel around 9ish.  The only other people who were there for the wedding at that point were Austin and Brittney and some close relatives.  Squires and I ran out to Wal-Mart, got some cards and beer and enjoyed an evening playing speed and a bunch of other card game, we even tried to do screw the dealer.

Most of Saturday we just chilled in the hotel room because the wedding didn't start until 5ish.  We ran out and got some SoCo, an old wedding favorite of mine.  The wedding building was about 10 minutes away so we opted to take a cab there.  They have some very janky cabs out in east MI.

The ceremony itself was very short because they had actually already been legally wed in Mexico a few months before.  Shortly after getting my food from the buffet style arrangement they setup, I checked my phone because it had been on silent.  3 missed calls and 2 missed texts from Mike O.

Him: "I'm here I think, nos sure where2 park""Bruh come2 the door"
(20 minutes)
Me: "Ok, u here?"
Him: "Yes!"

I went to the door and sure enough, Mike O was standing outside with his helmet and a red backpack.  I had him put his helmet on his bike and he followed me in.  Now, before Mike O walked in I think I was the only minority there, so it was going to be pretty hard to blend in, it didn't really matter though.  The bride and groom were still going through the rounds of saying hi to all the guests, so I wondered how Austin would handle seeing Mike O.  Austin is a cool guy though so he said hi and took it in stride, as if he was expecting to see Mike O there.  Austin is a pretty cool guy.  After eating, we went over to the open bar and enjoyed the "wedding special" which was very similar to an sea breeze(?), fruity and they were stingy with the vodka.  We migrated outside where there was a gazebo overlooking a river and a little tiki bar.

The bartender was making margaritas, that's all there really was to drink out there.  As it got later, more people joined us and we made a lot of friends, mostly parents.  With Mike O there, it quickly turned to a 1502 sort of atmosphere, lots of sexual conversation and tons of jokes.  Everyone seemed to be in a good place like us, so people were loving it.  It only seemed appropriate that Mike O found a roll of caution tape and decided to add flare to his style. (The headband was still on when he woke up the next morning haha)

As the reception started to wind down, we stuck around and were actually some of the last guests to leave.  It only seemed appropriate that before we went back inside we take the following pictures to compare to the orginals.

Back inside we actually helped take some stuff out to Austin's mom's car.  We got our belongings from the table and noticed one of those disposable cameras that get handed out for picture taking at weddings.  In our state, it only seemed like a good idea to take some pictures.  We posed and took a bunch of silly pictures then I told Mike O he should take a picture of his dick.  OK! He took the camera, unzipped his pants and shot a flash down there.  I haven't heard anything from Austin, so he must REALLY be a cool guy.  Mike O was the only black guy there after all.

Squires was the most functional out of us so she arranged for a cab to pick us up.  We had him drive us through the Taco Bell then back to the hotel.  Our room had access to the roof so we went out there to eat, I learned that Mike O is afraid of heights haha.  The rest of the night kind of fell apart, I wandered off into a bunch of rooms that were unlocked, not too exciting.  I went back up to the room and fell asleep.  When we woke up, Squires was asleep on the ground, I was in two chairs and Mike O had one of the beds.  As mentioned, he still had his headband on haha.  We enjoyed some continental breakfast and checked out.

It was weird driving past the Ann Arbor exits and not checking into hotel arch, really weird actually.

To say that the last two weeks of May were awesome would be an understatement.  The wedding was a perfect was to cap off what was a great few weeks.  The next thing I had to look forward to was my June 11 birthday, or so I thought, there was a little fiasco that occurred before that...

Here's to the next wedding we can find to crash,



  1. This post did not disappoint, Mike O adds his own "flare" to any situation but that headband was also a nice touch ha.

  2. Gotta love where Michael steers the conversation. Get used to not checking it at Hotel Arch (now that it's closed). Now we check into Hotel Kerrytown, Hotel Cassie... Hotel Jane?...

  3. That tape ensemble is perfectly apropos of a "caution to the wind" type night. Hilarious

  4. Hotel Cassie is a go because Erica is out of the apartment until the middle of August! You all are welcome anytime!