Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's getting to be way too long between posts for my.  The older these memories get, the harder it is to remember the details.  Maybe I can gloss over some of the details and try to get a little more current.

So, my buddy Jake's birthday was June 5th.  On the night of the 4th, we went out to Muldoon's where it seemed like it would be just another Saturday night.  I began chatting it up with this girl, think of maybe on the low side of kind of cute, nothing to write home about (just to blog about).  We were talking and she had clearly had too much and she seemed like she wanted to have an "adventure" of sorts that night.  Here's a quick game, try to guess which girl it is...(I'm in this habit of staying out past sundown and sometimes I have my sunglasses on me all night.  Really, I don't find the Frogskins to be very attractive on girls, agreed?)(Also, is it weird that I'm taking these pictures and posting them, is a line being crossed here?)

When midnight came, I bought Jake a shot of Jack, I think, and told my new friend to go ahead and give him a little lap dance.  Surprisingly, she obliged and Jake had a great time.  I took notice of his enjoyment and decided I would try to set him up with this girl tonight, that's a good birthday gift, right?  Anyways, we went to a house party after Muldoon's was closing.

This party was a little weird, the kind where you lose the desire to drink.  Lots of guys, and aside from the two girls we brought, there were maybe two others.  I guess a lot of guys shared my mentality because more and more of us began congregating outside, where there was little to do but better than being in a house of dudes.  There were two guys there, classmates from high school, we brought them there and they really didn't know anyone.  My buddy, Jeff, was good friends with the guy hosting the party, and then for some reason the two kids started jawing at Jeff.  Eventually, Jeff was telling them, "Hey, no one is making you guys stay...so you can just leave if you don't want to be here".  They started giving attitude and said they would leave as soon as someone brought them their 30 of PBR they brought.  Jeff went downstairs to get it (he didn't want them back in the house) and came back up with no PRB.  There was no left, they didn't believe that so they started getting mad.  Eventually, one of the guys swung at Jeff.  Now, Jeff is pretty jacked, he played football at Taylor, and the man can definitely be a fighter if called upon.  One of the kids was so drunk he was probably more of a hindrance than a help in the fight.  Needless to say, Jeff won the brief fight, all of 3-4 minutes, before it got broken up.  As Jake walked one of the guys out of the garage, he broke free and blindsided Jeff with a right hook.  Jeff was facing the other way, so he didn't see it.  He took it fine, turned around and tackled the kid into this ceramic pot and then just started wailing away at his face, it was crazy! The kid couldn't stand after that.  There's something about hearing fists land on flesh and skulls that I am just not comfortable with.  I was feeling pretty uncomfortable with the situation so you can imagine that someone announced they were calling the cops, I wanted to leave.  Jeff was my ride there and I know he wasn't about to leave.

So I quietly walked off into the night, didn't say goodbye to anyone, just left.  Now, I've run to the general location of where this party was before, a good 2 miles from home if I take the Prairie Path.  The Prairie Path is this path in DuPage county that goes through the woods and it is very inviting during the day.  At around 3 in the morning however, it's one of those creepy sights where if you saw the entrance you could probably see about 5 feet in until it enveloped in darkness.  I started walking through the Prairie Path and when my eyes finally started to adjust, I made sure to note the closest climable tree wherever I was.  There is a history of coyotes on the path.   I always thought coyotes looked like wolves until I saw one about 2 months ago while on the way back from work. The ones in Wheaton also have mange, this disease that makes the really ugly and kind of creepy...(kind of like this)

Anyway, if I wasn't still a little drunk, I probably would have not made that walk.  The whole walk I was just thinking of how messed up the fight was.  I realized that I really hope I never get into a fight, I just don't think it'd be a good look on me.  I'm a lover, not a fighter.

I got home fine where finally I slept and began to look forward to my birthday, again...

Here's to drunk walks home,


P.S.  That girl I tried to gift Jake passed out on a couch at the party where he left her when the party ended, alone.  Haha, poor thing.

P.P.S.  I know I was going to try to write more, but I just watched 127 Hours with T-Raz so now it's late...


  1. I hate fights too Chin, they are no good. Also, how was that movie? I started the book and couldn't finish it because I got frustrated with the main character.

  2. Im guessing the girl to the top right, you never said which one she was....

    Also an intense fight like that can make you feel uneasy, I mean the actual sounds of someone punching someone else as hard as they can is awful really. That being said, if any of us got in a situation where things got that bad, which I don't think they ever would, then I think I would become a fighter, nothing too intense like that, because I don't carry that kind of rage, but yeah.

    June 5th was a long time ago, might have to spark note the rest of your time so I don't read any more outdated posts ha.

    What's Current Chin up to? and How's Current Chin's love life...we all know Cassie is wifed up these days.

  3. I know I'm late but let me start

    1) Where have u been with all these posts? It's our lives and we're living it so the pics aren't weird

    2)Tell me why bottom left chick looks like cahill (veloceraptor), bottom right looks like that swimmer courtney chick that till this day I wonder why no one BEGGED me not to do that, top left is the cutest (with older milf behind her desperately wanting to be in the pic) and top right...buelher buelher...

    3) Coyotes? Really??? Lol, this entire post was like some strange adventure novel, great post