Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Days, Chapter 1: Hulk is in Town

$100 for a new laptop charger?

I've got 5 minutes plus until my phone finishes updating, so I figure I will get my Mike O. on and write this guy more like a book...

The week following the weekend downtown with Sweeney and Barnes brought two great freinds, Hulka and Steph K.  On Saturday, I spent my morning helping my friend Scott and his wife, Anna, move out of their apartment in Schaumburg.  I was there at noon and was expecting to be done by around 2.  The whole process took until about 3:30, leaving me very little time to get to the 3:54 train downtown.  I picked up Drabik, Fabian and Hulka and parked at my house.  They immediately walked to the train while I went inside to change out of my clothes that were drenched from moving stuff.  I topped off my flask with some Svedka (woof) and ran to the train station...

When we got downtown we picked our way northwards to my sister's apartment.  Her and Trent were on their way out, so we stopped by the nearest liquor store to have buy some beer and liquor before getting our free beer at Duffy's.  I was half expecting a text from Steph K. because she was pregaming at some freinds' house nearby (Caroline and Michelle).  It was Caroline's birthday so, like Stev, coincidentally, I bought her a fifth of Ciroc.  Turns out Steph didn't call me soon enough so the guys and I just headed to Duffy's, Drabik and I one beer deep and Hulka and Fabian an entire bottle of Jack deep (3/4 taken by Hulk).  We got to Duffy's and much to my chagrin, Lisa, from Wheaton North, was not working.  She was at a wedding in Michigan, the same scenario I would find myself in in a week from then.  Anyways, we got this Asian waitress instead, of course she gave us trouble.  Then there was this other Asian girl who was just a customer.  She came in with a bunch of her friends so she left to join them and drink the beer that she had BOUGHT.  She returned briefly after, claiming her friends drank her beer.  She promptly grabbed one of our extras, this was NOT OK with me.  I asked her, "Are you Asian?" to which she replies all sassy, "Uh yea, you must be really smart". Regardless, I found out she was %100 so my attention became focused on more important things, or just other things.  Some of the guys got some food and I swear I do not remember how but our waitress got my number, to my credit, she was kind of cute for an Asian.  We left and made our way to Caroline and Michelle's place.

On the walk over I got the following texts from our Duffy's waitress:

"Ahh I forgot you guys still have $7 on ur bill for the rest of the food!!!!"
"Are you alrdy far away"

Now I may be shallow, or too picky, as observed in Mike O's book, Galfing: A Young Man's Guide, but I do believe this is not a good way for a girl to flirt.  Why would I want to backtrack to pay you $7 fool?  And Sweeney knows, aside from the ellipses, I only like single points of punctuation, none of this "!!!!" garbage.  Suffice to say, Asian waitress didn't make anymore appearances that night.  We got to Caroline's house, where I didn't give her the Ciroc because I gave it to Steph and Trent instead.  It was pretty low key there and I could tell that we were further along then Steph and all her friends so we didn't stick around for too long.

The next destination was Chicago Rick's, aka The Lionhead Pub.  We arrived and I immediately ordered the 90 oz. Goose Island IPA for us.  Drabik and Hulka aren't huge fans of dancing (the second floor) and Fabian was not looking as energetic as he is on other nights, so he seemed like he wanted no part of dancing either.  I was not ready to stay on the first floor all night, I mean, who hangs out in the line at Rick's anymore than they should? (not Cass-eyes).  I felt this pressure to not settle and let the night fade.  Some say that it is darkest before the dusk, others say the grass is always greener on the other side.  It was this mentality that called me to raise my chin and make a desperation scan of the bar.  It was then that I saw a group of girls on the other side of the bar, no indication of men present.  A bachelorette party? Indeed.  So I stood up from my chair and picked my way towards them...


  1. Dear Chin....I want more. NOW. Thanks.

  2. I second what Stev said; I even know what happened, and that is still one bitch of a cliffhanger

  3. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!! Lol Quote of the post "Why would I want to backtrack to pay you $7 dollars fool?!?!?"